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How To Prepare Kosher Israeli Falafel

Ah, Falafel. One of the most common ethnic foods synonymous with Israeli culture. Every neighborhood in Jerusalem seems to have at least one ‘falafel stop’ where locals either gather over lunch or run by and take a quick portion of the delicious fried balls to go. No matter if you like it without ‘harif’ (hot & spicy) or ‘im chips’ (french fries) – enjoy this video with hummus, tehina, and Israeli salad!

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How Kosher Popcorn for Shabbos is Made

Walking down Bar Ilan Street in Yerushalayim hours before Shabbos, one can smell the fresh popcorn in the air as vendors market their wares from storefronts that spill over the already crowded sidewalks as people wait for the last buses to their destination. Mehadrin (in this case Eidah HaCharedis) hechsherim require that the kernels are stored in sealed marked containers until they are popped and then stipulate that the fresh popcorn be bagged and sealed. While the added stringency might add a shekel or so to the cost compared to the non-mehadrin, even if one is not stringent, there is that good feeling that the chances of having a bug in your popcorn are extremely slim.

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How Kosher Shawarma is Prepared

Join How2Kosher as we discover how Kosher shawarma in prepared in Jerusalem, Israel. We scoured the finest and greasiest establishments in town to document all the tricks of how a perfect shawarma is made. While most place will offer the lamb, turkey, or beef varieties of meat, the ethnically correct type of meat to use is lamb. It used to be that one could only get shawarma in a pita or laffa, nowadays one can also get it plain on a plate or in many cases as a baguette sandwich. However, most Israelis opt to get it in its original laffa form with chips – or french fries as we know them. Enjoy!

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