How to Make Homemade Kosher Sushi

Now that summer is here, we are back with another delicious how2kosher video! Shana’s Sushi is popular among those who frequent her home and have tasted her amazing homemade sushi rolls that she makes in honor of Shabbos. After much cajoling, we received permission to document the making of these special rolls that are made by someone with no professional sushi utensils or training; she makes sushi because she loves sharing one of her favorite foods with her family. Besides for some classic rolls such as spicy tuna, there were a few other mouth-watering homegrown varieties that we sampled that had no official names – for the simple reason that they did not need any. Simply Good.

Here are the ingredients that were used in this video:

Sushi-Grade Salmon (you can buy this at a fresh fish market or at some sushi stores)
Fresh Tuna (you can buy this at a fresh fish market or at some sushi stores)
Spicy Tuna ( fresh tuna mixed with mayo, cayenne pepper, and green onion)
Fake Crab
Baked Seasoned Sweet Potatoes
Green Onion
Teriyaki Sauce
Spicy Mayonnaise
Sushi Rice


Shana’s Tip:

Just throw any leftover scraps or pieces that fall apart into a bowl for an instant sushi salad.



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  • Honey says:

    I will take an order for about a dozen different pieces — each one different. Love, Honey

  • Sharon Rose says:

    Wow that was amazing – I don’t even like sushi and she made it look so yummy and her presentation was incredible!!!